Alaska-Yukon Moose

Primary animal to be hunted:? Alaska/Yukon Moose.?? We specialize in elderly and physically challenged hunters, but everyone is welcome.? This is not a strenuous hunt.? Hunt takes place in a 50? or four brow tine area.? If you require a 60-70? bull moose to make you happy, this hunt is NOT for you.? Most bulls harvested are 50-55? but no guarantees can be made on the size of animals in our area during any particular season.? We do, however, have an extremely high success rate since we have the highest density of moose in Alaska in our Game Management Unit (20A).

Other potential animals to be hunted: ?Grizzly Bear, Wolf, Wolverine, Caribou and miscellaneous small game.

Dates of Hunt:? 1-10 September.? Hunters should arrive in Fairbanks, Alaska no later than August 30st and schedule the return flight for September 12th or 13th.?

Cost and payment schedule:? This is a special promotional hunt.? The hunt will be for Alaska Yukon Moose at a flat rate of $11,000.00 per hunter.? Full payment will be in advance since this is a discounted hunt (approximately ? price).

Trophy Fees, licenses and tags:? The normal trophy fee for Grizzly Bear is reduced to $2500.00 for this special hunt if paid in full when booking.? There is no additional cost to take incidental wolves on this hunt as well.? Clients will be responsible for Alaska hunting licenses and tags.? The non-resident hunting license is $85.00.? The moose tag is $400.00 per person and the brown/grizzly bear tag is $500.00 per person.? Barren Ground Caribou may be taken if a permit is drawn for a trophy fee of $2500.? Tags must be purchased prior to arriving camp and hunters must have harvest tickets and associated paperwork in their possession while in the field.

Transportation:? Clients are responsible for transportation to Fairbanks, Alaska and return.? Normally there will be one night in Fairbanks before the hunt and one night after the hunt.? The client is responsible for hotel accommodations for those nights.? We highly recommend a room at Pikes Waterfront Lodge, Telephone (907) 456-4500.? Rates run approximately $85.00 per night.? ATH will provide transportation from Fairbanks, Alaska to hunting camp and return.

Services Provided:? ATH will provide lodging and meals while in base camp.? ATH will provide field trophy care to include skinning and delivering trophies to local taxidermists for detail work or expediting, if desired.? AMA will properly care for meat in the field and prepare it for delivery to local meat processors.? Clients are responsible for costs incurred for shipping trophies and meat to the destination of their choice.? Arrangements will be made by ATH to best utilize unwanted meat in our local area.? Occasionally a ?die-hard? local hunter may access our area, which is legal and causes no problems, but the potential to see other hunters does exist.

Clients per guide:? For this special hunt, each guide will take two clients, allowing clients to fully participate in the hunt of their hunting partner.